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T-Shirt Ruler Guide

T-Shirt Ruler Guide

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T-Shirt Ruler Guide

Powerful Shirt Guide Tool: Simply line the ruler to the collar of the shirt to center your design before pressing. It will precisely help you align your designs of your shirts, T-shirts and many other round collar clothes.

T-shirt Alignment Ruler Size: Wide 18"X, tall 5" X0.2", This is a quick, cheap, and easy way to try out the t-shirt alignment tools in various sizes. Definitely meet your multi-sizes' need.

Wide Applications: Our T-Shirt Ruler Guide has been widely used for many areas such as heat press, DIY project, tailor, and even children's hands-on ability. It will be a helpful tool for you to work or play. 

Premium Quality: We are so proud of our quality! Our tool is made of durable premium grade acrylic, not low-grade plastic. The guide is made of high-quality crystal clear smooth acrylic for easy viewing of your graphic and the ability slide along with your shirt for access to all parts of the shirt.

About Package: Comes with a paper mask that will need removed. The aim of the packaging is to prevent scratches in transit and keep your price down.