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Quilt Jar(Bowl) Pattern Template-Making christmas gifts

Quilt Jar(Bowl) Pattern Template-Making christmas gifts

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Would you like to make your own quilt jar to store your trinkets or other small items?
Whether you are a novice sewer or an enthusiast, you can use it to simply make the pattern you like.

It is very easy to make, just choose your favorite fabric with this rulers and you can make it quickly, no need to waste time to measure.

Ruler set has S.M.L 3 sizes, each set contains three rulers, you can make the corresponding size of the quilt jar. Not only can store your rings, earrings and other small accessories, but also small toys and small daily items.It's not easy to get dirty or lose with the small lid on, and when you put it on the table, it becomes a beautiful little piece of art.

It is long-lasting and durable, can save you the cost of buying traditional storage boxes, and can become your own sewing work. It's also a great choice as a one-of-a-kind gift that you make for your best friend, your family.

You can also use it to fill it with snacks, cookies, and all kinds of snacks when you go out for a picnic.

It can be hand washed and machine washed to keep it as clean as new. Even if you accidentally have a break in your quilt jar, with this ruler, you can always make a new one, which is very convenient.


Material: Acrylic
Size: Small-(5/3/3inch); Medium-(7/5/5inch); Large-(9/7/7inch)

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Quilt Jar(Bowl) Pattern Template*1 Set