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Hexagon Quilting Ruler

Hexagon Quilting Ruler

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Hexagon Quilting Ruler is a great tool for sewing, crafting, even scrapbooking. You can use this sewing, crafting, even scrapbooking. You can create perfect pieced hexagons with 2, 4, or 6 inches finished centers by squaring up to each round of strips. Use the markings to cut 2 to 8 inch finished hexagons and every even size in between.

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Hexagon Quilting Ruler is made of high-quality transparent acrylic material which is very durable and light. It made with a unique numbering and angle system that is sure to help with your projects. You can cut finished hexagons that measure 8 inches from side to side. From point to point, the cut hexagon is slightly less than 10 inches so they can be cut from 10-inch pre-cuts.


  • High-Quality Material: Hexagon Quilting Ruler is made with high-quality transparent acrylic material that is very durable and light.
  • Easy To Use: Hexagon Quilting Ruler is made with a unique numbering and angle system that is sure to help with your projects, it is convenient to use while sewing.
  • Easy To Read: The scale is clear, durable, high accuracy, good flexibility. Hexagon Quilting Ruler feature with the accurate scale with thin and clear lines, simple and easy to read.
  • Wide applications: widely applied for drawing, cutting, and other clothing design, fit for designers, pattern makers, and tailor, you can choose the metric ruler set for DIY projects.


  • Material: acrylic
  • Weight: 70g/1 pc, 280/4 pcs
  • Color: transparent
  • Size: shown as pictures