Heart Pattern Quilting & Patchwork Template

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9 inch
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Fold your fabric and get a heart pattern immediately. You can also cut a half respectively to DIY a heart pattern with 2 pieces of different fabric. It's very easy to make a cute heart pattern for your project. Have a try!
  • Easy cut and sew. This template is made to save your time and effort. Unlike an integrated heart template, this half-heart design template will make it easier to get a heart pattern.
  • 3 Sizes available-5inch; 7inch; 9inch. Suitable for many of your project designs. Make a heart pattern for your pillow, quilt, hot pad, and even you can make many other small heart ornaments with our heart pattern template.
  • Suitable for new patchwork lovers and the skilled. Easy to use.
  • Made in the USA from materials made in the USA. Other sizes and shapes are available in our store.

  • Material: transparent acrylic
  • Color: transparent
  • Size: 5'', 7'', 9'' (Block Size: 6.85'', 9.95'', 11.25'')
  • Weight: 80g, 110g, 170g