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Domestic Sewing Machine Guides

Domestic Sewing Machine Guides

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Bubble Border Template
Which Way Border Template
Circle Template
Swirl Template
Candy Cotton Template
Meander Template
Heart Border Template
Pleated Border Template
Fan Diamond
Braid Border Template
Holly Template
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These quilting ruler sewing tool accessories are definitely a must have for any quilting enthusiast, beginner or seasoned. 

  • Quilting Rulers Templates: For quilting meander and stipple pattern on quilts or other textile-based projects. 4mm Thick Transparent, Good fabric visualization while quilting. 
  • Sewing A Beautiful Quilt is Simple: Quilting templates for machine quilting easy to use and helps create free-motion quilts you will love. Using a reliable ruler like this one ensures your designs look gorgeous and professional.

  • High Transparency: Our template guides are made of high-grade high transparency acrylic material, which looks like pieces of pure crystal. It will give you a clear vision when you are using!  
  • Easy To Use: Simply set in place with the correctly installed sewing machine ruler foot and follow the template for a fantastic tessellating pattern. Spin the template 180 degrees after every complete pass.

  • Suitable With Most Ruler Foot: Free-Motion Template works well with any ruler foot that can fit both ½” path and 4mm template thickness.
  • Quilting Templates for Beginners: baby quilts can be made easily in just a few hours. This tool makes it much easier to create this look without running into a corner incorrectly or overlapping accidentally. No need to mark the sandwich or remake quilting mistakes.



Material: Acrylic

Package: 1 x Free Motion Quilting Templates

               A SET= 11PCS  Free Motion Quilting Templates

Tip: If you need a little more grip, use some non-slip grip tape to prevent sliding.