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Beadwork Presser Foot

Beadwork Presser Foot

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Easily Stitch Beads To Fabric!
Make clothing beadwork easy with this Beadwork Presser Foot - a sewing machine presser foot designed for bead attachment purposes. 

TRANSPARENT SEWING ACCESSORY - This presser foot is see-through for convenient bead placing. You will be able to see the tracing guide of your design pattern on which you need to place the beads.

MULTIPLE GROOVE SIZES - Comes in various groove sizes that will match with the size of the beads you are about to work on. It has a concave slot in the middle for easy beading. Use the presser foot size that corresponds with the size of the bead. 

ACCURATE and EASY BEADWORK - Beading is easy and convenient when using the right presser. Using this presser foot would facilitate a fast and easy beadwork process. No miscalculation and no accidental pricks! 

UNIVERSAL FIT - This presser foot is attachable to any brand of sewing machine that allows zigzag function. Don't forget to adjust the size of the stitch according to the size of the beads. 

HIGH-QUALITY AND DURABLE - This is made from premium quality plastic material that is hard to break. Fast, safe and easy to use even for beginners!

SCOPE OF USE - Perfect for gown beadworks and clothing decors It can easily place bead string as a decorative ornament to any gown or clothing fabric. 

This is a good beading tool for both commercial and household sewers. This is great for DIY sewing enthusiasts, too.  

Easily stitch beads to fabric with ANY sewing machines with this Beadwork. Presser Foot! Buy yours NOW!


  • Determine the size of beads for placing
  • Choose the right size of presser foot groove
  • Loosen the screw of the presser foot holder
  • Attach the chosen beadwork presser foot
  • Tighten the screw 
  • Start the beadwork 

Reminder: Make sure to use the zigzagger plate when using the Beadwork Presser Foot. 


Material: Plastic

Weight: 2.9g

Size: 3.2 x 2cm