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Automatic needle threader

Automatic needle threader

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🎯Save a lot of time and nerves by threading fine or coarse thread into a small needle tube - this 6,8 cm length threading aid is easy to hold and you can thread the thread into the needle in two ways, and almost completely without your intervention. It doesn't matter if you use the sewing machine or overlock or sew something by hand.


👍Suitable for all sewing needles. You can automatically thread the thread into the needle in two variations. As an aid for threading fine sewing thread and sewing needles with a small needle eye.

  • Instructions 1st method: Push the needle as far as possible into the hole located on the lower right edge of the threader. Then press the left button on the needle threader - a small hook appears, around which you place the thread. If you release the button again, the thread will be threaded into the eye of the needle. Then pull the needle out again and start working.

  • Instructions Second method: unfold the small plastic arm, located in the upper right area, and move it upwards. There is a small metal hook in the middle of the arm. Then position the needle through the eye of the needle so that the hook protrudes through the eye of the needle. Now wrap the thread in the front (on the left side) around the hooks and raise the needle; the thread will now be threaded into the eye of the needle.
  • ✅General Information: See also product photos for a visual illustration. You will also find various instructional videos on the Internet, for example: • for the first method.



  • Plastic material
  • COLOR: The color of the product is delivered at random.
  • PRODUCT SIZE: 6.8CM × 2CM × 2CM